Would you like a Passport to Planet You? 

Dear Folks,

If there has been one thing I have loved about my journey other than taking photos and connecting with the best peeps it has been writing, talking about and helping people change their lives.  

Of all the blogposts I have written over the years the ones that have got more hits, attention and comments than photography have been the posts about changing your life. 

One of the reasons I became a life coach was so I could use my life experience in changing my life and marry it with systems, structures and a roadmap to help others change theirs. 

It is with great honour today that I introduce a package that I feel like I have been working towards for the past for 17 years… … it’s called….

Passport to Planet You

  • Imagine a planet where you feel humbly happy with yourself
  • An invisible ‘access all areas’ pass to what’s right for you
  • A planet where you feel guided, safe and trust that you are on the right life path for you
  • Where you feel connected to yourself and your true desires
  • Where you feel free to live life your way, love wholeheartedly
  • Create passionately
  • Where you slowly shake off the feelings of malcontent in all areas of your life
  • Where you feel good in your bones, solid like you got to be the ‘real you’

That’s what I like to call Planet You, coming home to the real ‘unapologetic’  you.

If you feel like you are in a middle of a life that doesn’t belong to you I would love to help you find the roadmap to the real you. Wherever you are right now on your life’s journey, most probably I have visited it. It took me almost half my life to open ‘my account’ and get my real life started.

Having had the chance to live two lives, I can promise you there is a vast difference between the one you think you ‘should’ live and the one that you were meant to live. 

If you would like to read or know more please click HERE. 

Sending love


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