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Creative Business Bootcamp
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Creative Business Bootcamp

Does your creative business & brand lack some Va Va Voom? Do you stand out from your competitors or are your ideal clients scrolling over your message and photos oN Facebook and Instagram because your message, imagery and style aren’t connecting with them on a deeper level?

Do you dream of having that ‘fire in your belly‘ clarity and focus that will allow you to move mountains and to know where to put your energy, how to connect to your authentic message and stop offering your clients an endless laundry list of options that’s confusing them?

Are you really at your most creative? Doing what you got into this business to do? Or are you creating what you ‘think your clients want’? Do you dream of creating clarity in your business that looks, feels and sounds like you and that has folks hitting ‘yes, I am in button’ on your website?

Well folks, if this sounds like you and you want to start 2018 in a way you have never started a year before, brand strategist Filippo del Osso and I have created this Creative Business Bootcamp for you in beautiful Paris. We have created an intimate 2-day bootcamp for 4 participants that will make you sweat, challenge what you do and how you can do it better and walk out at the end of the program knowing how to find your ideal client, connect to your voice, what’s your brand message and purpose, new pricing and packaging, a shiny new business vision for 2018 and a marketing plan to keep you from sliding back into your old habits.

Who is this for?

If you are a solo creative entrepreneur, a photographer, an interior designer, graphic artist, illustrator or working in any creative field and you aren’t loving where you are at. If you have been in business for a couple of years or more, you already have a website, a portfolio, some form of social media (but not necessarily) and already have paying clients but you want to create consistent income and whirl around the dance floor of your business with your dream clients whilst knocking your creativity out of the ballpark – this is for you!

  • Inspired Reading List

  • Your Why

  • Creative Portfolio Exercise

  • Framing your business today

  • Who Inspires you

Day 1
  • Your biggest creative vision – overhaul your portfolio/creativity/your visual aesthetic

  • Sharpen your brand’s direction, its purpose and values

  • Redefine your ideal client and how to connect with them via your message

  • Creating a brand persona

  • Brand Blueprint

  • Wealth consciousness – changing your beliefs around money

  • Create the perfect package

  • Business Vision for 2018

  • Build the right team for success

  • Marketing plan


You will walk away with clarity, a plan and a renewed confidence to steer your creative business in the direction you want it to go in 2018 and beyond.

You will receive a set of tools that will guide your progress – including:

– Your own unique blueprints that you will create during our time together
– Contacts of the best resources and people we use in our businesses to help you implement what you have learnt
– USB with excel files that you will complete during the workshop for your business vision and marketing strategy
– 50+  page booklet with your brand and marketing blueprint


6 weeks prior to the workshop date you will receive a welcome package with homework that needs to be brought with you to the workshop so we can maximize our time together and get the most out of the workshop. This is essential as we will start the workshop with this material.
You will receive videos, inspiration and advice on how to become more time efficient.
You will receive a reading list on sign up and we highly recommend you read a couple of key books prior to the workshop date.


Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th April 2018



Carla’s place in Paris, France

About Us

Carla Coulson

I have worked as a photographer working with magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire and Vogue Entertaining and Travel for the past 16 years and I speak a language that many don’t speak. It’s the language of photography, empathy and how you can connect to your client’s desires through your imagery, voice and branding visuals.

I have published 8 books with Penguin Australia and in 2013 created a successful fashion inspired portrait and personal branding business in Paris. I currently work with the best clients on the planet coaching their creative businesses and lives to the success they desire

Filippo Dell’Osso

I am a brand strategist currently living in Paris.

I have spent over 20 years helping brands tell their story across diverse cultures and channels.

Born in Rome, I started work forecasting consumer trends in London. Then I embarked on an international journey, working for a bunch of advertising agencies including Wieden+Kennedy, Saatchi&Saatchi, and TBWA in London, Amsterdam, Portland, Or. US, Paris.

As a brand strategist, I helped the definition and communication of successful brands including Nike, Coca-Cola, Amazon, Cartier, Toyota, Alta Vista, Audi, Heineken.

Today I work a global strategy director at Publicis in Paris.

In the last 10 years, I have been transferring my experience to teaching – on an international brand strategy Master course at Dauphine University – and in helping an increasing number of people develop the brands of their creative businesses.


1950 Euros

Includes all materials, lunch and afternoon tea



Email hello@carlacoulson.com