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You are creative and talented and you are passionate about what you do but you want to do it differently.

We take take your expertise, what you are really good at mix it with what you love doing and flip it to live a life and lifestyle on your terms. You get to design a life full of passion and reward wherever you are in the world and re-define what success means to you.
It’s about honing into what brings you joy, elevating or refining your skills, repackaging them in a way that you may have never thought of that will bring you more freedom, less work and more joy.

The big thing from stopping many of us from moving forward is clarity. When your goals and desires are clear everything is simplified and you can become laser focused to go after your dream without exhausting yourself and wasting your energy.

Why six months? What I have found working with creatives last year is that much of the first three months is about getting your structures in place and the second three months is about making your business happen including implementing your marketing plan, connecting on social media, working with clients and getting feedback, creating content and actually building your business.

Transforming your life is an exciting process but often it can be stressful. I will help you through the whole process with honesty, authenticity, truth, experience and a little humour thrown in. So you come out the other side with a new business, focus, direction and enthusiasm for a life you love.

In the period we’ve been working together, she has helped me build a strong social media platform, develop a website, create packages for my Retreats, support me with an effective and practical marketing strategy and been insistent with her tough love, dedication and patience to push me in working the hardest I have ever done in my life. Within 6 months of starting a business from scratch, she has helped me achieve selling out my very first Retreat to Greece. It’s one of my biggest accomplishments yet and serves to reinforce the trajectory my life has taken since making the decision to launch with Carla. She doesn’t just come with suggestions or good ideas. She comes with a harnessed understanding of exactly what you need and how to effectively apply the necessary steps in order to support and execute your vision and bring it to life.

– Paula H

Carla Coulson is the real deal. She came into my life at a time of massive personal and professional growth and helped me keep my head throughout it all. She is the quintessential problem solver and continually reassured me with her steady ability to take care of it… no matter what ‘it’ was. I wholeheartedly recommend Carla and any resources she endorses.
-Cortney McDermott
Carla gave weekly homework – and even if I finished it on the day of the next call, it gave me a deadline to keep moving forward. She is the guide, the wisdom, the mentor, the critique, the facilitator to connect you to others’ who can offer support – she isn’t the doer herself. I got that, my business, my actions to create my results. Think of her as a guiding light along a new path to help you travel with a confidence and speed that on your own is just not possible! But be warned – she can, on the odd occasion, turn the light around and shine it in your face!!!! Why Carla Coaching? – because she is wise, generous, honest, authentic, caring and invested in helping me become all I desire to be. She has opened doors for me that I would never have seen, let alone found the key to – with one session to go I will miss my weekly Carla fix. The best investment in my business that I will ever make.
I have always been an admirer of Carla’s work and more so the journey of her creative career. When I found out that Carla was offering creative coaching it could not have been at a better time for me, having recently decided that I needed to take a new direction.

Over that first initial skype chat, it was apparent to me instantly that Carla’s down to earth nature, approachability and “real” commitment for what she does was exactly what I needed.

The fact that I am in Australia and Carla is in France was of no barrier. Carla has been available via skype and email for our time together in a nurturing relationship. What I have gained from my coaching from Carla? Well, this is not a for the faint hearted that is for sure. Carla certainly puts you through your paces and asks the really hard questions. If you are going to pursue a creative career Carla’s experience in this field is vital to help establish your goals, mission, branding and more. There was homework, and emails with documents to fill it, really empowering you to sit and get the foundations right of your business. She helped with pricing, packaging, branding, website creation and more.

With Carla’s guidance I have been able to develop the confidence to really give this new venture a red hot go, to believe in myself and my abilities. Carla has been open, honest, supportive and challenging all when it has been required. I have been in situations whereby I have tried to get support or advice from industry leaders only to feel inferior and talked down too. Not Carla, she is humble, kind and so giving of her own journey. She makes it real. What you are going through, she has gone through. She is with you, each step during this process and as a solo creative starting a new business that type of support from someone so incredible and giving is such a rare find.

I cannot recommend Carla as a creative coach enough. This investment will be your best business decision.

– Brenda
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What We Cover
  • What Your Special Talent Is That You Would Like To Bring To The World

  • What Makes You Happy

  • Clarity for the next 12 months

  • Your Money Story

  • Your Ideal Client

  • Portfolio review and assistance in creating images for your portfolio

  • Overview of your technical skills to help you get ‘client’ ready

  • A marketing and social media plan

  • Pricing and Packages

  • Website review and suggestions to improve your presentation

  • Weekly organizational structure

  • Creating the right staff structures for your business to grow

  • Working with clients

  • Weekly objectives

  • As much background information from my personal experience and knowledge to solve the questions keeping you awake at night

  • Implementation of your marketing plan

  • Follow through with social media and creating great content

  • Growing your business and feedback

Package Details

Welcome Questionaire

2 Hour Intensive

24 Hours of Skype Calls, one each week for 24 weeks

Access to backend videos and tutorials

Private Facebook group with other private coaching clients

Email support during the week


6000 Euros

or 6 monthly instalments of 1100 Euros

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