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Joyful and Unstoppable

Get the joy back!

Yes folks, that is my mission in life to help creatives not only have success in their business but to make it joyful.

Have you arrived at that point in your creative business where the joy has slipped out of what you do, have you lost focus on where you are going and has the survival of the day-to-day of running of your business taken over? Are you spending less time on creativity and the things you love?

Would you like to take it to the next level without devoting even more hours to making it work?

If you are tired of trying to work out the missing pieces in your creative business we would like to help you.

If you can answer yes to any of the following this is for you:

Are you tired of trying to work out the missing pieces in your creative business to take your creativity and business to a new level?

Have you mastered certain aspects of your creativity and business but are still in the dark about the others?

Do you feel you don’t have the whole story and it is stopping you moving forward and doing great things in your business and life?

Are you tired and exhausted from doing it all on your own?


I brought in one of my favourite people on the planet, Brand Strategist  Filippo del Osso, to work with me on the ‘Joyful & Unstoppable’ package so we can  steer you to the success you want.

Filippo del Osso has worked creating brand strategy for some of the biggest brands in the world including Nike.  He is the master of helping us creatives not put everything and anything into our brand and to help us dig deep to articulate our message.

A couple of years ago he helped me create a brand strategy for my photography business and recently for my coaching business that allowed me to move forward with clarity and to continue to work with the best folk on the planet.

We have developed this package to empower creatives who are in business but just not loving where they are at!  Who have aspirations of bigger things and want to get out of overwhelm and have a clear plan and a consistent income.

We have teamed up and developed a 4 step program to overhaul the way you see and do business and  it is the exact formula I used in my photography business to take the pictures I love, create consistent income and have the  lifestyle I loved.

This package is about building you a successful business with consistent income

RE-ORGANIZE yourself
  • Organizational tools, Time management and scheduling
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Your biggest creative vision – overhaul your Portfolio/creativity/your visual aesthetic
  • Wealth Consciousness and changing your beliefs around money
  • Define Success for you
RE-SET your journey
  • Business vision for 2017
  • Social media strategy Instagram/Periscope/Pinterest/
  • How to create Facebook ads that convert
  • Collaborations
  • Sales rhythm/offers
  • Business Blueprint
  • Joy included for free!
RE-FOCUS your brand
  • Discovering and articulating your history and your story
  • Define and know your target Audience/ideal client
  • Analyze your ecosystem/ideal client of peers and competitors so you can differentiate your brand
  • Know your brand purpose and why it exists
  • Brand blueprint
RE-SHAPE your business
  • Creating the perfect package, product or service for your creative business
  • Building the right Team for you
  • Refine your message, voice, website and social media
  • Lead Magnets/thank-you page
  • Sales page on website
  • Mailing list/community
  • Marketing funnels
I loved that before the session I had a Skype call with Carla and she also had me complete worksheets to get to know me, my brand and what I wanted for my business. The actual session couldn’t have gone better and I liked that Carla focused on my “Why” and how that influenced my business decisions and plans.  Her ideas and methods really helped me move forward in a BIG way so I walked away with a month by month plan and how to achieve that and I’m so grateful for her expertise and passion for what she does.  I left there not only having gained a coach and champion, but also a friend. Graziemille Carla!!!

There will always be a before and after Carla. Choosing Carla as a mentor has taken me out of the Doldrums. When we started working together, I was lost about who I was as a photographer. It wasn’t my best work that I was putting out there, just an emulation of what clients wanted, or so I thought.

Carla hasn’t only helped me to find my focus and my mission, she also helped me reach out to my ideal client, transform my income, re-design my portfolio, create tailor made packages for my clients, a marketing plan and boosted my confidence.

She takes time to think through what works best for me. She considers my personal circumstances and my deeper dreams to offer me a strategy of conquering this dream and to make it my reality.

Every single time we talked, I felt welcomed in her world, respected and loved as a dear friend. And that’s how I feel about her. She has the wisdom to touch to the deepest of my fabric, and she has the expertise to respectfully work with it, not against it.

To me Carla proves to be more than an expert in her industry. She is absolutely great in working with people and tapping into their consciousness.

Would I recommend her– if you feel you have a big dream and not sure how to make it happen, just jump on Carla’s wings and fly away!.

  • 2 hour Skype intensive to kick start
  • 16 one hour Skype sessions for 16 weeks
  • Email support during the week to keep you moving


4500 Euro Once Off

or 5 monthly instalments of 990 euro

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thanks Carla xx

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