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Is your dream to have your images published in a magazine or book? Would you love to have an exhibition, raise your media profile or improve your creative skills to take your work to the next level.

Would you like your work to stand out in your creative field but don’t have the courage to do the work that light’s you up?

I help you overcome what’s holding you back. It might be your mindset or belief in you or your work or the necessary skills to believe in what you do. I see the light in your art and help you develop it further. We work together with your clear goal of what you want to achieve and go about week by week bringing it to life through a clear series of steps.

I use my 17 years of knowledge working in the publishing industry as a photographer and combine it with the mindset, motivation, structure and skills of a life coach to help you fly.

online course, carla, carla coulson photography, carla coulson coaching, creatives, artists, writers, mentoring, life, inspiring,
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Welcome Questionnaire
2 Hour Intensive
1 Hours of Skype Calls, one each week for 12 weeks
Access to backend videos and tutorials
Email support during the week


or 4 monthly instalments of 780 Euros

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She takes time to think through what works best for me. She considers my personal circumstances and my deeper dreams to offer me a strategy of conquering this dream and to make it my reality.

Every single time we talked, I felt welcomed in her world, respected and loved as a dear friend. And that’s how I feel about her. She has the wisdom to touch to the deepest of my fabric, and she has the expertise to respectfully work with it, not against it.

To me Carla proves to be more than an expert in her industry. She is absolutely great in working with people and tapping into their consciousness.

Would I recommend her– if you feel you have a big dream and not sure how to make it happen, just jump on Carla’s wings and fly away!.

My dream was to get published and having an exhibition when I first started to work with Carla. One and a half years later I can proudly say my pictures are featured in the National Geographic traveller and in The South China Morning Post.

I hear you thinking…” and your exhibition’? That also happened! And it was successful, I can proudly say that many of my artworks are now hanging in people’s home. I am so proud of that.

Working together step by step with Carla made me overcome my fears and kept me going in the right direction. Every time I said “I don’t think I can”…Carla challenged that, dug deep into why I was fearful and that helped me to overcome hurdles that would have been hard to take all by myself.

As a creative you are often on your own. To be able to share your doubts and fears creates breathing space which makes room for creativity and have the clarity to move forward makes everything simple.

Carla stimulated my creativity whilst brainstorming and although she never pushes in a direction, after every session I feel energised and I have a great sense of where I am at and where to start from.

If you have a creative project you would love to realise I can highly recommend the process of working with Carla.

– Saskia
When I came to Carla, I was feeling lost and unsure about where I was going with my photography, all I knew was that I really wanted to build my portfolio (and confidence!) and take it to the next level.
In a matter of months under Carla’s guidance and support I was able to completely overhaul my portfolio and take it to the next level.  Carla, is extremely generous in sharing her expertise and wealth of knowledge, I always felt supported and I had so much information from her at my fingertips.  Ultimately, through her honesty, encouragement and her ability to push me out of my comfort zone, it helped me to achieve some amazing results!

There will always be a before and after Carla. Choosing Carla as a mentor has taken me out of the Doldrums. When we started working together, I was lost about who I was as a photographer. It wasn’t my best work that I was putting out there, just an emulation of what clients wanted, or so I thought.
Carla hasn’t only helped me to find my focus and my mission, she also helped me reach out to my ideal client, transform my income, re-design my portfolio, create tailor made packages for my clients, a marketing plan and boosted my confidence.

– Rachel V


carla, carla coulson photography, carla coulson coaching, creatives, artists, writers, mentoring, life, inspiring,