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A Life With Purpose

“The truth has legs; it always stands. When everything else in the room has blown up or dissolved away, the only thing left standing will always be the truth. Since that’s where you’re gonna end up anyway, you might as well just start there.”
– Rayya Elias

Have you ever wished your life could be more passionate yet you haven’t delved into the possibility of what that may be?

Do you feel somewhere along your life’s path you have slipped off and don’t know how to get back on the right road to your authentic life?

The more consciously you are living your life the greater impact you have on your own life and that of others. The more you delve into self-discovery the better chance you have have of finding your ‘Dharma’, that special gift that you came here to give to the world?

Would you like to get on the path to true alignment and learn the tools to start guiding your life with intention instead of letting life guide you?

In A Life With Purpose it’s about unearthing your passion for life. I help guide you back onto the path to the real you. I teach you tools to become aware of thoughts, patterns and beliefs that are no longer serving you so that you can live a life with joy, passion and authenticity.


What We Cover
  • Awareness of patterns that keep occurring and how to transform them
  • Balance your masculine and feminine energy
  • Delve into your wealth consciousness
  • The art of Surrender and learning to Ask
  • Connecting to your true emotions
  • The power of gratitude and forgiveness
  • The law of attraction
  • Self-Care
  • Your life frequency and how to transform it
  • The power of creativity
  • Connecting to your intuition and learning to trust it
I loved that before the session I had a Skype call with Carla and she also had me complete worksheets to get to know me, my brand and what I wanted for my business. The actual session couldn’t have gone better and I liked that Carla focused on my “Why” and how that influenced my business decisions and plans.  Her ideas and methods really helped me move forward in a BIG way so I walked away with a month by month plan and how to achieve that and I’m so grateful for her expertise and passion for what she does.  I left there not only having gained a coach and champion, but also a friend. Graziemille Carla!!!

There will always be a before and after Carla. Choosing Carla as a mentor has taken me out of the Doldrums. When we started working together, I was lost about who I was as a photographer. It wasn’t my best work that I was putting out there, just an emulation of what clients wanted, or so I thought.

Carla hasn’t only helped me to find my focus and my mission, she also helped me reach out to my ideal client, transform my income, re-design my portfolio, create tailor made packages for my clients, a marketing plan and boosted my confidence.

She takes time to think through what works best for me. She considers my personal circumstances and my deeper dreams to offer me a strategy of conquering this dream and to make it my reality.

Every single time we talked, I felt welcomed in her world, respected and loved as a dear friend. And that’s how I feel about her. She has the wisdom to touch to the deepest of my fabric, and she has the expertise to respectfully work with it, not against it.

To me Carla proves to be more than an expert in her industry. She is absolutely great in working with people and tapping into their consciousness.

Would I recommend her– if you feel you have a big dream and not sure how to make it happen, just jump on Carla’s wings and fly away!.

Package Details

Welcome Questionaire

2 Hour Intensive

12 follow up on Skype Calls, one hour each week for 12 weeks

Weekly guidance of materials, worksheets, videos and reading list

Email support during the week


3000 Euros paid in full

or 4 monthly instalments of 820 Euros

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