What Are the Energy Leaks in your Creative Business?

Dear Folks,

If you are a go-getter creative and feel like you are on it but at the same time exhausted, you are probably wondering what energy leaks are and if you have any?

An energy leak brings all sorts of images to mind, like someone working hard at their beautiful creativity in the middle of a giant pasta strainer and then out the bottom is pouring energy, money, time and what they value??

That’s how I have come to think about energy leaks. The effort you are putting in just drains out in a way you are not aware of and leaves your energy and creativity feeling depleted and your business in a holding pattern. The bank account never grows, your client list remains the same and each year you end up with the same result.

What is causing this I hear you ask?

It could be that you don’t have enough systems in place, you are worrying about money and it feels like there is never enough time, you give too much, you are scattering your energy working on too many projects at once, you don’t know which project to give priority to get you where you want to go.

And where do you want to go?

Energy drain checklist – see how many of these you relate to:

  1. Do you feel like you always have too much to-do
  2. You aren’t charging enough for the time, effort and expertise you are giving to your clients
  3. You are fearful of growing your business because you are already too busy?
  4. You constantly feel like you are in overwhelm working on all aspects of your business
  5. Your clients don’t appreciate you and what you do
  6. You procrastinate and get distracted easily
  7. Focus isn’t your best friend
  8. You don’t wake everyday with a clear goal
  9. Your day runs you instead of you running your day

If you answered YES to more than 4 of the above points on this checklist, a large part of your energy isn’t being put to good use.

Yes, folks, that MEANS YOU COULD DO LESS AND HAVE MORE if your energy was used more wisely, your focus was clearer, and your creativity had time to be nurtured.

If you want to make 2019 the best year of your creative business and life, I would love to coach you to stop your energy leaks and bring focus to what you want to do.


If you would like to see whether it is the right fit for your creative business, let’s chat about the possibilities. Send me a note at notes@carlacoulson.com and we will arrange a time that suits you…

Save your precious energy for creativity, love, joy and making more moola…

Sending love,