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I signed up to coaching with Carla after realizing I was in a total business rut and needed the momentum of weekly coaching with someone who had worked in a creative field, too, to turn things around.

I had been running my writing and editing business the same way for 20 years, and it was not working for me. My website hadn’t been updated since 2006!

The result of working with Carla has been a complete transformation of my creative business and my understanding of both my skill-set and my unique offering to the world.

Carla worked generously to help me reframe my ‘brand’ (I never knew how a writer could even have a brand), craft a new online presence, design and create a beautiful new website that caters to my ideal market and niche, giving me more control on how my work sits in the global marketplace.

We had a lot of fun in our weekly coaching sessions, and the bonus was learning about visuals and photography in the process.

Carla is generous, fun, creative, inspiring, encouraging and professional.  She finishes things (and made sure I finished things) and has a great ‘get-things-done’ attitude. Her understanding and encouragement were vital when I was freaking out about the necessary online ‘visibility’ I would need to embrace to bring my business into 2018.

Carla didn’t just help me clarify what I needed to do to change my business practice, she showed me how to do it.

From making my first videos for Vimeo and YouTube (who knew you don’t film inside at night?!), to clarifying where to spend time and focus on social media (eg. Instagram and Facebook) to identifying my ideal client (and niche), so that all my posts could speak to these people and bring more of them into my life, working with Carla was the best investment I could have made in my life and business.

In six months with Carla, I completely re-created my website, crafted a social media strategy and identified my ideal client, started an e-mail list, created my first Facebook ad, created a series of memoir-writing e-books, created an online memoir course, my first ‘lead page’, my first ‘lead magnet’, and set up a brand new stream of business (memoir coaching).

Until Carla, I’d been wanting to do these things for about ten years.

Weekly coaching and momentum were essential to all that we achieved – and Carla was as determined to get to the finish line of each project as me.

Probably the most valuable of all the things Carla helped me clarify was my creative niche and my ideal client.

I wholly endorse Carla to anyone who, like me, has been stuck in a creative rut and needs to make a complete career flip.

Her weekly calls were integral to keeping everything moving along, and she is incredibly generous with her insights, tools, connections, resources and time.

– Louisa Deasey

I have always been an admirer of Carla’s work and more so the journey of her creative career. When I found out that Carla was offering creative coaching it could not have been at a better time for me, having recently decided that I needed to take a new direction.

Over that first initial skype chat, it was apparent to me instantly that Carla’s down to earth nature, approachability and “real” commitment for what she does was exactly what I needed.

The fact that I am in Australia and Carla is in France was of no barrier. Carla has been available via skype and email for our time together in a nurturing relationship. What I have gained from my coaching from Carla? Well, this is not a for the faint hearted that is for sure. Carla certainly puts you through your paces and asks the really hard questions. If you are going to pursue a creative career Carla’s experience in this field is vital to help establish your goals, mission, branding and more. There was homework, and emails with documents to fill it, really empowering you to sit and get the foundations right of your business. She helped with pricing, packaging, branding, website creation and more.

With Carla’s guidance I have been able to develop the confidence to really give this new venture a red hot go, to believe in myself and my abilities. Carla has been open, honest, supportive and challenging all when it has been required. I have been in situations whereby I have tried to get support or advice from industry leaders only to feel inferior and talked down too. Not Carla, she is humble, kind and so giving of her own journey. She makes it real. What you are going through, she has gone through. She is with you, each step during this process and as a solo creative starting a new business that type of support from someone so incredible and giving is such a rare find.

I cannot recommend Carla as a creative coach enough. This investment will be your best business decision.

– Brenda
Our Family Travels

My dream was to get published and having an exhibition when I first started to work with Carla. One and a half years later I can proudly say my pictures are featured in the National Geographic traveller and in The South China Morning Post.

I hear you thinking…” and your exhibition’? That also happened! And it was successful, I can proudly say that many of my artworks are now hanging in people’s home. I am so proud of that.

Working together step by step with Carla made me overcome my fears and kept me going in the right direction. Every time I said “I don’t think I can”…Carla challenged that, dug deep into why I was fearful and that helped me to overcome hurdles that would have been hard to take all by myself.

As a creative you are often on your own. To be able to share your doubts and fears creates breathing space which makes room for creativity and have the clarity to move forward makes everything simple.

Carla stimulated my creativity whilst brainstorming and although she never pushes in a direction, after every session I feel energised and I have a great sense of where I am at and where to start from.

If you have a creative project you would love to realise I can highly recommend the process of working with Carla.

Carla Coulson is the real deal. She came into my life at a time of massive personal and professional growth and helped me keep my head throughout it all. She is the quintessential problem solver and continually reassured me with her steady ability to take care of it… no matter what ‘it’ was. I wholeheartedly recommend Carla and any resources she endorses.
-Cortney McDermott

I am going to say right up front that I think Carla Coulson is a soul beauty and an incredible energy to interact with – she is so willing, knowledgeable and generous with her encouragement, and committed in her endeavour to help you become all you desire to be. When I have needed a helping hand to create my dreams, it has been Carla’s hand that I chose to reach for, knowing that she would understand me, and has the wisdom to provide a guiding light to me.

The extraordinary thing is you don’t just receive Carla’s wisdom – she introduces you to her support network and the people who have helped her create her dream life. From the branding, to logo, to website creation she guided me to interact with other professionals and helped me develop content, packages, marketing strategies and most importantly a business plan! I had been a social media technophobe, but I am now an Instagramer, Facebooker and eagerly compiling Pinterest boards. She de-stigmatized it all and helped me gain the confidence to find my voice and contribute. I am even happy to now jump on wordpress and create mail chimp campaigns – who would have thought! Her coaching has not only helped me create and grow my business, but also understand more fully the business web world and for that I am sincerely grateful.

I do want to add though – that the only way you will get results on this Course is to do the work! Carla gave weekly homework – and even if I finished it on the day of the next call, it gave me a deadline to keep moving forward. She is the guide, the wisdom, the mentor, the critique, the facilitator to connect you to others’ who can offer support – she isn’t the doer herself. I got that, my business, my actions to create my results. Think of her as a guiding light along a new path to help you travel with a confidence and speed that on your own is just not possible! But be warned – she can, on the odd occasion, turn the light around and shine it in your face!!!! Five months into the course I got the speed wobbles and she really questioned me earnestly about my motivation, my desires and what I was really wanting to get out of this business – I so needed that talk, that day. She pulled me back to focus on the essence of my purpose, it was the hardest but the best session of the Course and I loved that she had the intuition and caring to asks those questions – and that is it – why Carla Coaching? – because she is wise, generous, honest, authentic, caring and invested in helping me become all I desire to be. She has opened doors for me that I would never have seen, let alone found the key to – with one session to go I will miss my weekly Carla fix. The best investment in my business that I will ever make. With huge gratitude.

– Christine S

There is no other word that could more accurately sum up my meeting with Carla than that of complete Serendipity…

I met her at what would have to have been one of the biggest turning points in my life. I presented little more than a sketchy idea, some heartfelt enthusiasm and the firm notion that my old life was well and truly over.

Having instigated her own massive change in direction some 15 years earlier, she knew exactly where I was at. Transitions in the face of vulnerability are familiar subject matters to her.

I knew long before I’d sat down for our initial consultation that I had found my mentor. Carla was someone that had been on my radar for well over 15 years. I’d read her story, fallen in love with her photography and was completely in awe of her innate ability to draw you into her world and speak directly to your heart. Few people have the capacity to stir such rich connections and I had just been presented with a rare opportunity. I didn’t hesitate to act.

I was starting from absolute scratch when I launched with Carla. Foreign to the world of social media, I harboured great reluctance in taking those initial steps in launching onto a digital platform. But nothing phases Carla. She supported me through my fear and resistance by reminding me of my strengths and helping me find the courage to move forward. Nothing about my life has been the same since launching with Carla. I have left behind the fearful, doubtful woman that I was, reluctant to believe in myself and instead have embraced the thrill of the new, exciting and limitless opportunities that have opened up for me since she entered my life. In the period we’ve been working together, she has helped me build a strong social media platform (a massive feat in itself), develop a website, create packages for my Retreats, support me with an effective and practical marketing strategy and been insistent with her tough love, dedication and patience to push me in working the hardest I have ever done in my life. Within 6 months of starting a business from scratch, she has helped me achieve selling out my very first Retreat to Greece. It’s one of my biggest accomplishments yet and serves to reinforce the trajectory my life has taken since making the decision to launch with Carla. She doesn’t just come with suggestions or good ideas. She comes with a harnessed understanding of exactly what you need and how to effectively apply the necessary steps in order to support and execute your vision and bring it to life. It’s not just her belief in you. It’s not just the way she serves to encourage and support your direction. It’s the commitment, quality and care she delivers it with. Her approach to coaching is an extension of the passion and heart she puts in to her creative expression. It’s the narrative that truly comes to embody the essence of who she is. From time-to-time, the Universe presents us with opportunities that invite the possibility of change. This encounter with Carla served to present me with one of the biggest life changing experiences I could have ever imagined. I had just been handed one of the greatest gifts of my life, in the guise of a mentor that always believed in my ability to fly…

-Paula H

Carla and Filippo fearlessly, masterfully and lovingly dug deep to  push past my resistance and blocks.  I left with such clarity, confidence, and joy and motivation to move forward in the true direction of my vision.  Thank you both…I feel blessed beyond words and well beyond the investment price! I cannot highly enough recommend this to any entrepreneur who wants to elevate their brand.

-Lisa Pippus
Style with Purpose

Carla has been an instrumental person in my life, I have known her and worked with her on and off for 7 years now. She has been a great influence and supporter of mine, but really changed my life when we recently sat down for a one-day intensive. I am a photographer and a perfectionist. Actually, more like a PERFECTIONIST and photographer. For years I have been experimenting with different kinds of photography and I was basically a big jumble mess of what I wanted to do, what I think I want to do, what others think I should do, what I think will make money, blah blah etc… The worst part of being a perfectionist is that due to wanting everything to be perfect (which nothing can be); I hesitate, pause, procrastinate, put off and delay everything. I wanted to take the perfect images. Just the ones that I wanted and wanted the perfect introduction and launch into the industry (which part of the industry I still wasn’t sure of yet). I was spreading myself too thin, with multiple styles of imagery and was not able to focus properly on anything or start the business that I was passionate about. I was frustrated and not reaching the potential that I knew I could have.

Carla gave me a whole bunch of questions to answer; questions I had never before asked myself, and then we spent another day going through my life as a whole – not just career wise but my whole life, what makes me smile, happy, where I want to live etc… She helped my break down the blocks in my mind, some things that were real issues and others that I saw as issues but that weren’t really, and the things that were really restricting me from moving forward in the world. Then together we built a plan for the future; a plan that I am very happy and excited to have after the better part of a decade of very slow progress. I am very happy to say that things are on track. I’m in the process of organising an exhibition (went to view the space today) and am very grateful for the direction, clarity and excitement for my new career that I now have, thanks to Carla.

-Loc B

My experience with Carla was way beyond my expectations.  I had been searching for a coach when I saw Carla’s post announcing her new coaching sessions. I have followed her for years and really relate to her story. I knew she was the perfect person for me and would be able to relate to me and my business.  I chose to complete her One Day Intensive course, in none other than both of our favorite places – Italia! It is a place very special to my heart so it meant a lot for me to meet her there and discuss my business.  I loved that before the session I had a Skype call with Carla and she also had me complete worksheets to get to know me, my brand and what I wanted for my business. The actual session couldn’t have gone better and I liked that Carla focused on my “Why” and how that influenced my business decisions and plans.  Her ideas and methods really helped me move forward in a BIG way so I walked away with a month by month plan and how to achieve that and I’m so grateful for her expertise and passion for what she does.  I left there not only having gained a coach and champion, but also a friend. Graziemille Carla!!!

-Melissa S

There will always be a before and after Carla. Choosing Carla as a mentor has taken me out of the Doldrums. When we started working together, I was lost about who I was as a photographer. It wasn’t my best work that I was putting out there, just an emulation of what clients wanted, or so I thought.

Carla hasn’t only helped me to find my focus and my mission, she also helped me reach out to my ideal client, transform my income, re-design my portfolio, create tailor made packages for my clients, a marketing plan and boosted my confidence.

Her enthusiasm will lift you up when faced with tough situations; she won’t hesitate to kick your butt to do the work and guide you in the right direction, understanding your strengths and helping you in your weakest area. Carla gave me the confidence to lift my rates and I have just had my biggest sale ever of £2700… My life has changed so much since working with her!

-Rachel V

That is how I can describe my experience of being mentored by Carla Coulson. Have you seen her beautiful seaside photography? Even though they are from a Birds eye I don’t get the feeling as if I am hanging from a cliff looking down the ocean and the swimmers. Carla’s images are giving me the strong sensation as if I am actually that bird that just took off, gliding above the sapphire ocean waters and relishing the freedom of being me. That’s how I feel during every meeting with Carla.

She has shown me a very strong respect towards my originality as a person and as an artist. She took great time to offer me advice and create a bespoke plan of actions that can fulfill my desires to create and make a living with my art. During this journey she was not only encouraging, she was actually very excited and appreciative of my uniqueness as an individual and as a photographer and she actually is a bigger believer in my skills than I’ve ever been. In every meeting we had, I felt and I knew this is a very personal conversation and specially addressed to me. Carla is generous! She is generous in sharing her experience; she is generous in dedicating time.

She takes time to think through what works best for me. She considers my personal circumstances and my deeper dreams to offer me a strategy of conquering this dream and to make it my reality. Every single time we talked, I felt welcomed in her world, respected and loved as a dear friend. And that’s how I feel about her. She has the wisdom to touch to the deepest of my fabric, and she has the expertise to respectfully work with it, not against it. To me Carla proves to be more than an expert in her industry.

She is absolutely great in working with people and tapping into their consciousness. Wou

-Sophia T

Certain days in your life are wonderfully life changing, which is exactly what my one-on-one mentoring day with Carla was like!

The experience began well before I arrived in Paris with thought provoking and inspiring worksheets that helped me delve into where I was and where I wanted to be with my photography. Even though my wish list of topics to cover in person with Carla was extensive, we covered everything…and more!

It was an incredible day from start to finish, with an in-depth review of manual photography, learning the ins and outs of tripods, a fabulous discussion about composition, help with post processing images and guidance planning the next right steps for me. I left feeling like  I had gotten on a fast track that zoomed me far ahead of where I could have possibly imagined after only one day.   Carla is so very generous with sharing her experience, knowledge and passion for photography. This is the perfect experience for anyone who has an idea of where they’d like to go but is searching for the best way to get there. It’s a rare chance to learn from the best!

-Laura T

Carla has been an inspiration to me ever since I discovered her when I bought her book ‘Chasing a Dream’. At the time, I was thinking about getting back to chasing my own dream of photography and this book came to me at just the right time. Fast forward five years and I feel so incredibly lucky to have had Carla mentor and coach me to continue fulfilling my photography dream and start a portrait business. I’ve learnt and grown so much under Carla’s guidance. She has helped me up level my skills, given me confidence and faith in my vision. Having someone with Carla’s years of experience provide me with constructive feedback on my photography has been invaluable – one of my main mentoring goals.

Carla worked with me to fine tune my business offer, brand, marketing and to nail my dream client. She gave tips on social media, encouraged me to write with more emotion, streamlined my post processing workflow, helped me create my new website and develop my portfolio and so much more. Carla has a unique ability gently to guide, coach and steer you towards your goals to help you achieve your dreams in a supportive way. The mentoring program, developed specifically to my needs, has been one of the best investments I’ve made and I would highly recommend Carla.

-Kris A

I needed clarity in order to move forward in my business, however, wasn’t sure how to do this and Carla suggested she could guide me with coaching.

The thought of this excited me, as I knew Carla completely got my potential, creativity, reservations and self-doubt.

Carla helped me build a structure, something I had let slip since surrendering to living my life in tune with the rhythm of our Greek village. My belief system is fundamentally strong but removing myself as I had done from my career as an art director in London for so long, had made me a bit wobbly.

Carla challenged my limiting beliefs and allowed me to transform them to help me move forward in business and in life. Skyping with Carla weekly was part of the structure and it was in this time she helped me map out a plan. We discussed goals and I was able to go away from each session focused and with the enthusiasm I needed to keep moving forward. I always left our sessions feeling elated and ready to tackle the latest tasks she had set.

I found the return to structure challenging at first but once I began using it consciously, I found it to be invigorating and purposeful. I learnt I could still have the slow village rhythm when I needed it, and my motivation was renewed by that. I have worked in many different creative areas and Carla guided me to focus on the one where my passion and talent lies. I have found working with Carla has helped me regain my confidence and devise a clear brand strategy, and incorporate a marketing and social media plan.Her own skills as a businesswoman, a photographer and author along with her sensitivity towards people and their creativity are what make her an inspiring and brilliant life coach. Carla is a wonderfully positive person, she is a straight talker, incredibly generous with her knowledge and is a fantastic motivator. I look forward to every session with her; she inspired me to keep moving towards my goals.

-Claire L