From Stressed Out Photographer..

Dear Photographers and Creatives,

3 years ago I was a successful photographer working with some of the best folks on the planet but so close to burnout that I almost quit photography forever.

I had published 8 books, 100’s of magazine articles and had a rockin fashion inspired portrait business but something devastating was happening.

I had gotten into photography for the love of it, yet I had arrived at a point where that flame was about to be extinguished.

Running a creative business was eating me up. I was doing it all ALONE. Spending more time managing my email, post processing, accounts, marketing, social media, blogposts, going to the post office, booking flights and organizing hair and make-up artists and a thousand other jobs than taking photos. I was literally doing the impossible and my adrenal glands were working so hard you could smell the rubber burning!

Creativity was taking a backseat and that was the reason I become a photographer.

I woke up anxious and went to bed anxious, thinking about that massive to-do list that I had left behind and I was always in pain. You know maybe you have done this too? I was booking the osteopath appointment at the same time I was booking a new job. I knew I would be in pain even before I had taking a photo but this chaotic life and comprised health had become my new normal.

Getting a haircut, my nails done or updating my wardrobe never happened because I was last on the list of hundreds of daily tasks.

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I knew how to run a killer business. Prior to becoming a photographer, I had a successful clothing business and we were ‘hitting it out of the ballpark’ (turning over more than $1,000,000). I knew what systems were, how important it was to have the right staff and how to be a fabulous marketer and how to elevate my business.

But something BIG was keeping my mindset and my photography business small and holding me back from moving to the next level.

You might be able to relate?

For the best part of 15 years I stood in my own way.

I had spent so many years finding this new life of photography, my sweetheart and my beautiful tribe (please feel free to insert your own reasons) that I thought if I took it to the next level and turned it ‘into a business’ I would lose the person I loved, my creativity and my tribe. I had subconsciously convinced myself I couldn’t have love and money!

But you can only hold a good girl down so long!!! I busted through my belief systems, transformed my business and life and now have more peace, love, creativity and success than ever before. Oh and became a passionate coach for creatives along the way.

photographer, photography, inspiration, creative coach, coach, creatives, girl boss, motivational, intuition, success

Now I ask myself ‘why did I wait 15 years to take this step?’ If you are stressed out photographer, interior decorator, graphic designer or creative with adrenal burnout (or a bad back, anxiety or insert your problem) and are ready to ‘kick this way of living to the kerb’ you can download my 4-part video series so you can start improving your business today and learn more about how I transformed my beliefs, ‘money story’ and low ‘wealth consciousness’ to double my income in 1 year.

Your back and your bank balance will love you for it!!

Carla x

PS: Email me at carla@carlacoulson.com if you would like to talk about how I can help you get out of chaos and overwhelm and have a wildly successful business!

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