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I’m a multi passionate life mentor who has had her fair share of change. I spent my childhood moving around the Australian countryside and finally landed in Sydney in my late teens unhappy and lost.

I spent my twenties starting a business with my best friend which became successful, we turned over more than $1,000,000 before my 30th birthday but as the years passed I realized the money didn’t count without the things that were important to me. I was missing love, personal reward, adventure, community and feeling passionate about what I do every day.

After years of frustration but not having the skills or know how at the time to change, I resisted doing anything about it and day by day my life become smaller and smaller and I became more emotionally shutdown.
Till the one fateful day when life gave me a choice. Just prior to Christmas 1999 my local Thai Take-away awarded me client of the year (yes I had eaten more take-away than anyone in Darlinghurst). A meltdown of tsunami proportions ensued in the following hours and I could see my life at 60 if I didn’t do something about it.

That day I made a decision to go out and find the right life for me. I hopped on a plane and headed to Italy. And boy, did I find the right life for me. I studied and became a photographer in Italy and then Paris, all the emotions I had bottled up inside for years came pouring out in my photos, the empathy I felt so strongly for people was now a powerful tool and it lead me to everything I needed in life, reward, joy, love and my tribe.

I have had the great fortune to work for some of the world’s best magazines and published 3 books of my own and 5 more collaborating with other authors but real success for me was finding my love, my tribe and doing something I love everyday.

I realised that once you have clarity, like I had in Italy and about photography you can make mountains move and dreams come true. I took many of the business principles from my successful business and applied them to photography but I was unwilling to take it the whole way because of a ‘belief’ I unknowingly had as a hangover from my old life.

My mother’s mantra was that ‘money doesn’t buy happiness’ and this actually came true for me in my old business. I was too fearful of growing and expanding my photography business because of the fear of losing all the wonderful things that had come to me. So I played it small for as long as I could, making a success of it in my own way but doing it all on my own. I didn’t realize I was jeopardising my health and nervous system which was falling apart one day at a time.

Enter my second life changing event, 3 auto-immunes. I went through what anyone else goes through when they have a health scare, many visits to the doctors and a lot of fear. I chose to ask questions and ended up at a naturopath that I believed in. I changed my diet, the way I lived, worked and stressed and came out the other side grateful and wanting to share what I had learnt about change with others.

When I came out the other side almost a year later I realised that I needed to make changes in my business to support a healthier way of living and boom like magic my business began to grow and grow.

Becoming a photography and the journey I have been on taught me that when you tap into who you really are, what you really want and what your values are, everything else becomes easy.

So that I could pass on my knowledge and assist others I became a certified life coaching and completed the ICF (International Coaching Federation) certificate to help people just like me find the perfect life for them.

Key Areas of Expertise
  • Publishing – I have published 8 books with Penguin
  • Magazines – I have published hundreds of magazine articles working with Harper’s Bazaar, Gourmet Traveller, Vogue Entertaining and Travel to name a few.
  • Portraiture – I created and ran my own bespoke high-end portrait and personal branding business working with talented women from around the world
  • Workshops – I have created workshops around the world teach photography
  • One-day-Intensives – Working with individuals to fast track their needs whether it is photography, business advice or transforming blocks and beliefs to gain clarity and move forward.
Passionate About
  • Natural Health and everything Auto-Immune
  • Meditation and calming techniques
  • Connection between mind, body, spirit and business
  • Connecting emotions to your desires
  • Animals and freeing factory farmed animals.
  • I support the Wild At Heart Foundation