Meet Woo Woo Carla

Hi Folks,

I thought I would let the Woo Woo side of me take a run in the park today!!

For those of you who have been following along for a while you know that I took a leap of faith and pulled the plug many years ago on one life  to go pursue the right life for me which turned out to be photography.

Way back then I believed in possibilities but I didn’t realise cutting all those ties would actually be the door I needed to kick open to a better version of myself. It was this kicking open the door that connected me to something bigger than me. This is where the woo woo comes in!

You see when you pull out the ground from beneath your feet (take away everything that is familiar, job, country, friends, family and apartment) you take flight literally and it is in this flight that you either build trust or crash on the rocks below.

I decided to trust. For years I had crushed my intuition, ignored it, let it fester in my body as pain and physical problems, even addiction (my old business partner use to joke that I needed a whole team of people to keep me on the road)  till the fatal day I decided to listen to it.

Yes, there were a fleet of Navy boats and a couple of tugs that came honking to plead with me, for the thousand to get on my true life path. This time they sent a message that couldn’t be ignored and it was so loud and clear that there was no fear around making the decision to go, I just KNEW it to be right. And within hours I was on the way to a new life.

It was the first step to understanding there is a greater knowledge than logical and intellectual information if we allow ourselves to access it but most of us are so committed to control and logic (ahh guilty) that we miss the messages our body and heart are trying to send us.

Here’s the scoop, from the day I started to listen to my heart and body, because intuition is physical reaction I have felt guided and fearless (well almost).

It has helped me to believe in my creativity, say no to the wrong jobs, continue to have faith in what I am doing knowing there is a bigger reason for this all. I try to use my intuition to decide everything in business and life and if my body feels icky or contracts it’s a NO.

When I ‘found’ my way to photography at 35, it was definitely a treasure hunt and not a ‘I picked up a box brownie when I was four’. It connected me to life in a way that I could just hug it, dance with it and squeeze it to my heart. Seventeen years on, I realise photography is more than taking pictures, it was my calling and through my camera I have connected to people and people to me and my story. In my small corner of the world I cared so much about photography I wanted to share it with the world, to tell peoples stories of what I found and show women how beautiful they if they could see themselves the way I do.

When you are ‘called to’ something you no longer have a say, you would do it even if you weren’t paid. And now the joy is not only in taking the photos but passing the knowledge on and the experience my journey has given me.

When I found my way to coaching it was like the next piece in the puzzle, there were no if’s or buts, it was the same feeling I had when I found photography it was an opening of my heart, an expansive feeling that happens to me when I know it’s right and I get the thumbs up from the universe and I know it’s a HELL YES.

We are all divinely guided and in the past 17 years I have come to count on miracles. When you trust and believe there is a big, beautiful life for you that is when the magic starts to happen. When you say NO to what’s not serving you anymore and walk into the light, you are in for a rodeo ride of life, one where you feel FULLY alive.

I have experienced so many miracles, big ones, little ones, funny ones and OMG ones. I know that serendipity and synchronicity are just part of the big plan and if you dare to become the person you came here to be, you will be loved and supported by mother Universe. When you move in the slipstream of creativity and love there will come a day when you sit back and think, so that’s why I am here.

Remember, every time you go out of your comfort zone a little more light opens up your path.

What’s important is to stay open, believe in possibilities and give love where possible. It all will be returned a thousand times over.

I hope you enjoyed Woo Woo Carla, she is the same old model but just with a little more sparkle in her hair.

Sending love


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