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I thought I would spoil you today with an inspiring story of beautiful stylist Kate Taylor.

I had the pleasure a couple of years ago to photograph her not once but twice in Florence and Paris. One of the bonuses for me was to hear her inspiring story, so I thought I would share it with you today.

How did you get into styling?

By way of almost going to medical school.  Haha. No really!! I was working in a hospital and preparing for my med school track while I was working in the fashion and beauty industry in my free time.  I realized that I didn’t want to go to medical school and I really wanted to make fashion and beauty my life.  So, I began working with a makeup artist and became her apprentice.  I was able to learn how to work on photoshoots, runway shows, bridal, and event – beauty and styling.  From models, to celebrities – I loved the transformation that I was able to see in front of my eyes.  While working with celebrities and models can be loads of fun, I really wanted to create a platform where I was empowering women in their style and confidence.  That’s when I left and decided to start my own business being a personal fashion stylist!

What is the transformation you see in your clients business after engaging you as a stylist?

Oh it’s unbelievable. I always knew that style was powerful and that it transformed lives – but the MASSIVE shifts I see are just jaw dropping.  The confidence increases and that directly affects their desire to be visible – which obviously catapults success and abundance.  Photoshoots are more in line with their brand and connect them INSTANTLY with their ideal clients, doors are opened for them because they are in alignment and I have even seen MULTIPLE times where clients have lost weight after working with me.  All because they have a lightness, a freedom, and empowered confidence.  It’s the secret sauce.  Helps everyone truly GET who they are and what they are all about.  I wish all business owners would do it as a foundational piece because it’s a game changer.

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What is the transformation you see in your clients self-confidence?

The self confidence truly starts to SOAR even after our first session.  Clients understand what their style is and how it’s been inside of them the whole time and they know that they have an expert on their team that is going to make sure that their TRUE style is seen and that they are rocking it daily and feeling like a million bucks doing it!!

What are the top 3 things you have learnt about women styling them?

1. That every woman has a message that is UNIQUE and their style is a POWERFUL way for them to share that message

2. That women are STRONG and deserve to be pampered and put first, but too often they don’t give themselves permission. But once they do it CATAPULTS them to abundance and success.

3. That a styled woman is UNSTOPPABLE.  She will show up for herself and her community and she will be visible so that the people that are desperate to see her can FIND her!

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Who do you love to style and why?

Because it’s the best job in the world!!  I can SEE a client’s style before they even realize it and then I get to guide them into the clothes and accessories that are SO THEM – even if it feels like a stretch.  And then to have them say, “OMG Kate. I FEEL so good!!! I can’t BELIEVE how awesome I look and feel!!” And then to see all the achievements they make in their style and how it grows and evolves – it’s just such a gift.

What don’t women expect when they engage a stylist?

I don’t think they expect the freedom and ease and permission that they get to truly be themselves.  I think that women worry that someone is going to come along and try to get them to wear things that they don’t like or aren’t “them” and it’s scary.  Style is such a personal thing.  But when you work with a TRULY gifted stylist who listens but who also can SEE the style – it’s a dream team combo!!  The lightness and confidence and freedom, those are the most unexpected things that they experience I think – AND the weight loss.  That happens so many times and it’s completely unexpected for them.

If you feel like you life and business needs a lift, you can get in touch with Kate HERE or follow her on Instagram HERE

Sending love

Carla x

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