Getting Out Of A Creative Rut

Preset Rock N Roll copyright Carla Coulson

Dear Creatives,

Over the years I have got into creative ruts by allowing myself to do what I thought my clients wanted, when I was too busy to keep exploring and not giving time to my creativity. When I believed nobody would want what I would most love to do and I couldn’t find the time or energy to reimagine it.

Preset Rock N Roll copyright Carla Coulson

Throughout my career I have constantly re-envisioned my path and my creativity. When I arrived at a place where I was bored, complacent, not going to jobs with all my heart in it and already resenting the work before I did it, I knew I had arrived at a dangerous place for me and my business.

Trying to sell your work from this point is almost impossible.

Preset Rock N Roll copyright Carla Coulson

Preset Rock N Roll copyright Carla Coulson

It was in those moments I asked myself, “if I could do anything what would I do”?  It would often take me to look backwards to when I started out in photography when I had no constraints or to my biggest heros (sometimes out of my field) in photography to see how they dared to live their creative dream and how they could inspire me to live mine.

One of the things that really distinguishes you from your competition is your creative eye and voice and what you have to offer. The wedding industry is a classic where you flick from one photographer to another and you can hardly tell them apart. So the less that you are offering is ‘cookie cut’, the better for you.

Your clients will want to work with you because they have fallen in love with your work and it won’t come down to price. It will come down to your unique vision and they want to be a part of that.

Preset Rock N Roll copyright Carla Coulson

What’s You Biggest Vision?

I would ask you where you are you on the path of 1-10 of how much are you in love with what you are doing currently. If you are a 5 and under you might need to look close at what you are doing and re-envision it. It may need daring to go back to the drawing board.

If you are at a 6 and over it may need tweaking. You might like to take some time to remember why you got into your chosen field and what lit you up at the beginning of your love affair with it.

In the following exercises I am going to encourage you to reach for your greatest creative vision and start there. If you are excited and in love with what you are putting out into the world and add structures to support it, it will almost sell itself!!

Preset Rock N Roll copyright Carla Coulson

Let’s see where you are currently on your path:

On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your current portfolio of work as the work you have always dreamed of doing?

  1. What type of work are you currently doing that exhausts, frustrates or causes problems for you? What would you be willing to let go of or how can you modify it to bring you joy? What are the pain points?
  2. If you had an endless budget and incredible skills what work would you do? How would it make you feel to wake up every day and do this? Get into to detail, imagine the places you would work, the clients you would work with, the work you would create. Write a short free-flowing text on what you are seeing.
  3. What comes easily to you and what would you consider your natural gifts? Such as working with children, getting people to relax, working with light etc.
  4. Are you regularly complimented on something that you take for granted but others seem to find attractive or powerful? It could be personally or about your photography.
  5. Who Inspires you? Who’s work makes your heart sing. What is it that moves you about their work?
  6. In your career or life what has been the work that you have loved and enjoyed the most, paid or unpaid? That made you smile with pride and earned the respect you want? Who were you working with? Write a short text on your learnings.
  7. Take the work you are most passionate about that you have created and make sure you can see it. Write a short text on why? What made you proud of this?
  8. After doing the above exercises pinpoint what you need to do to get out of your creative rut. What could you tweak to re-envision what you do and move forward with clarity, joy and love?

I hope this little bit of advice has helped and kick starts your creativity.

If you would like to know more about having the creative business you dream of check out more packages HERE and feel free to book a call to chat about what the possibilities are to work together HERE. 

Sending love

Carla x

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