Dolce Vita Podcast

Dear Folks,

After writing about changing my life for years I have to admit I am super excited to talk about it!

Petra Jungmanova of Life Rocks kindly interviewed me for her podcast on life as a creative and well, we didn’t hold back.

The lovely Petra is a creative that has had her own wonderful journey to writing a book and finding her voice and belief in what she does.

In this podcast we talk all things creative, on life and business.

We get up close and personal on the following subjects.

We discuss:
-Moving to Florence
-Moving to Paris
-What Photography did for me
-The power of Surrender!
-Making a decision that will change your life
-How I arrived where I felt there was nothing to lose and only things to gain.
-Wealth consciousness
-Things you don’t learn in photography or creative schools and college
-My path to my new life
-How I Got Published
-Health and a whole lot more..

You can listen to it HERE…

I hope you enjoy our chat and insights and don’t forget checkout out Petra’s site and her new book Life Rocks HERE

Many thanks

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