Why I Loved 2017

Dear Creatives, This year has been chock-a-block full of goodness (letting my inner Aussie out)!! I have had an incredibly rewarding year working alo


Moving House Caused My Creativity To Explode

Dear Creatives and Photographers,

I have worked over the years in all sorts of spaces. When I left my life back in 2000 and departed for Italy with just two suitcases my mantra was not to own anything and for 13 years I pretty much lived up to that mantra. I lived in rented spaces that were already furnished but it gave me the freedom to keep moving went I wanted and to feel free.


Would You Pose Nude?!

Tell us a little bit about your journey as a photographer and what was the motivation for you to start shooting the nude back of a woman?

I came to photography later in life - my "midlife awakening"  - when I finally stopped and acknowledged that I was uninspired and exhausted! What I was doing was suffocating me and there was a huge need for change - Carla I know that you of all people understand this feeling!


From Stressed Out Photographer..

Dear Photographers and Creatives,

3 years ago I was a successful photographer working with some of the best folks on the planet but so close to burnout that I almost quit photography forever.

I had published 8 books, 100’s of magazine articles and had a rockin fashion inspired portrait business but something devastating was happening.