Would You Pose Nude?!

Tell us a little bit about your journey as a photographer and what was the motivation for you to start shooting the nude back of a woman?

I came to photography later in life - my "midlife awakening"  - when I finally stopped and acknowledged that I was uninspired and exhausted! What I was doing was suffocating me and there was a huge need for change - Carla I know that you of all people understand this feeling!


From Stressed Out Photographer..

Dear Photographers and Creatives,

3 years ago I was a successful photographer working with some of the best folks on the planet but so close to burnout that I almost quit photography forever.

I had published 8 books, 100’s of magazine articles and had a rockin fashion inspired portrait business but something devastating was happening.


Dolce Vita Podcast

Dear Folks,

After writing about changing my life for years I have to admit I am super excited to talk about it!

Petra Jungmanova of Life Rocks kindly interviewed me for her podcast on life as a creative and well, we didn’t hold back.


How This Girl Made The Mediterranean Her Business

Dear Friends,

What could be as rewarding as fulfilling your creative dream? For me, it has been helping others fulfill theirs!

Today is a very special day for published writer Paula Hagiefremidis, who has combined her love for words, food and travel to bring you the Mediterranean Wanderer.


She Creates These Incredible Nurturing Interiors

Dear Friends,

Us creative folk are sensitive to life, to the things we see, the environment around us, the smells, the touch and the effect that it has on our senses.

Super creative Claire Lloyd takes the concept of the spaces we live and work in to a whole new level. She lives and breathes her concept called Sensual Living


From Photographer to Artist

Dear Friends,

I am hoping to start a Podcast soon called The Creative Career Backstage very soon which will have lots of interviews with creatives and their keys to success. In the interim I wanted to share this lovely interview with Katie Graham.