5 Tips to Get Your Creative Business Out Of Feast and Famine

Dear Creative Folk,

For sooo many years I let my photography business control me.

Obsessed with not turning my creativity and photography into a business I wore ‘doing it all on my own’ like a badge of honour!!

I had decided to do it all on my own because prior to becoming a photographer I actually had a successful business but without the things that were important to me such as love, tribe, friendships and creative rewards that photography would eventually give me.

I was so scarred from the thought that MONEY DOESN’T bring me happiness that I did everything I could to turn it away.

I made myself soooo busy working with magazines, producing books, creating a successful portrait business at the same time NOT TURNING IT INTO A BUSINESS that you could have found me on anyone day doing hundreds of different tasks including going to the post office.

Sheesh, I gave it my best shot and my best shot got me burnout and 3 auto-immunes.

It was only when I decided to dig a little deeper that I healed my money story and steered my PHOTOGRAPHY BUSINESSS out of feast and famine and into a healthy, joyful and successful place.

Let’s see if any of these things are showing up in your business

#1 – Does your business Control You

If you are experiencing feast and famine in your business, it’s because your business is controlling you NOT you controlling your business.

Often you AREN’T marketing on a regular basis, whether it be on social media, in person or by email and therefore you are leaving everything up to chance or word-of-mouth.

Tip – To stop feast and famine look at how you can market regularly and on what platforms

#2 – Do you treat your business like a hobby?

Are you treating your business like a hobby? Now you’re probably thinking what’s a hobby look like? Hobby’s get energy and money when you have it to spare and they don’t have clear goals or objectives.

Tip – Often it takes a decision to embrace what you do as a business and move it forward with clarity and often investment. But with commitment comes results!

#3 – Do you confuse your clients?

Who are you and what do you sell? So you are probably thinking this is an odd one, I know exactly who I am and what I sell. But do your clients know?

Often we are offering too many things (pet, people, interiors, car and wedding photography at the same time) we are confusing our client. If you aren’t offering anything at all you are also confusing your client because they don’t realise we ACTUALLY SELL STUFF.

Tip – Do a stocktake on yourself and see if you are creating confusion about what you do and sell and if it is really clear and easy to do business with you.


#4 – Your Money Story?

See if you fall into any of these categories. When you get a certain amount of money you feel like ‘that’s enough’ so you stop marketing and moving your ass? You lower your prices before your client even has a chance to ask a question or say Yes? You feel like ‘what’s the point’ of making an offer because ‘no-one will buy it anyway’.  You are sooo busy but the idea of getting someone to help you to grow your business scares the hell out of you?

Tip – If you can relate to any of these, your money story might be holding you and your business back not that it’s a slow season or nobody wants what you have.


#5 – Do You have structures in place to support you when you are busy?

Keeping your business rocking n rolling whilst you are busy creating can only happen if you have the right structures in place that delivers the right ideal client to you all year around. That means offering your clients the service that your prices reflect and structures that mean your life isn’t chaotic and you actually get to have a weekend.

Tip – See where your pain points are and where you need help. Is it with staff or a casual assistants or is it with automating structures to deliver you more clients? Is it with streamlining a part of your process that takes too much of your time such as post-processing your photos or returning clothes once you have styled a job?  Make a list of where you need back up and how you would like to move forward.

I hope you have enjoyed taking the time to reflect on where you are currently in your business. The greatest day in my business was the day I decided to invest in myself and my business and take it to the next level.

Not only did I get my creativity back, I got my life and my health back and had a ton of fun at the same time.  I grew and saw that life is full of infinite possibilities and you get to choose  whatever you want to invite into your life whether it be success, love, creativity or money or all of them.

Sending love


PS: I would love to help a creative who is currently on the verge of burnout and would like to go to the next level and create a whole new experience of how you do business. You can check out working with me HERE.

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