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I’m a girl on a mission

Yeah, I am truly passionate about transformation, people and joy.

I’m on a mission to help creative entrepreneurs grab the reins of their life and go for their biggest dream. To help you see the vital pieces that are missing in your story and make them part of your everyday whilst giving you the support, knowledge and experience I wish I had when I was starting out as a photographer.

Success is a big part of it too but you get to re-define what success means to you. Is it about money, lifestyle, happiness, reward, travel, creativity or all of them?

I love honing into what brings you joy, elevating or refining your skills, repackaging them in a way that you may have never thought of that will bring you more freedom, less work and more joy. I am a master at seeing the light in your story!

As someone who has lived transformation, I know what it looks like, feels like and smells like. I have lived and breathed it every day for the past 15 years and I have changed my life, not once, but three times.

I transformed my life from a successful (but depressed and frustrated) business owner living in Sydney to living the life I loved as a photographer in Italy and then Paris, working with some of the world’s best magazines and publishers (sheesh hate to boast). When I found out 3 years ago I had 3 auto-immune conditions I embraced change yet again and changed what I ate, how I worked and lived. It looked like being a personal meltdown but I transformed into a spiritual awakening.

Living the power of transformation I have realized there is an art to discovering the missing pieces and making them a part of your new life and I am a super sleuth at this. And I will share with you how I manifest it all.

Hooking into the real me has got me so hot under the collar that I have spent the last year training as a life and business coach so not only can I coach from my own personal life experience but I can give you the tools to transform your life and business, overcome beliefs that are holding you back, blocks that are stopping you going where you want to go and help you gain clarity on what you want and how to get there.

You think it looks good on the outside wait to you see how it feels on the inside!

What’s A Creative Career Flip?

It’s about throwing off the conventional ways we have done life, business and success and re-inventing it on your terms. It’s about taking your ambitions barefoot! It’s about creating your own recipe of what goes into your new life, where it will be played out, what are your values and goals. You get to choose what success looks like and how fabulous it is going to look and feel.

Oh, and there will be joy!

Are You My Gal?

You are creative and talented, you are passionate about what you do but you want to do it differently. You know life is short, you have lived long enough to be willing to settle. You care about the world and the people who live in it and you know this is your time.

You have been good at many things throughout the years but you have lost your way, confused about where to go from here and you need someone to help you sort out your deepest desires so you can focus and make a success of it.  You want to grab life by the reins and say ‘let’s go’.

Many of you want to make a difference to the world like I do and maybe your future involves not only your success but helping others less fortunate than ourselves be successful at the same time. I am excited to work with clients who love a CAUSE such as Bike Free.

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Access my 4 part video series on How To Improve Your Creative Business Today

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